HP CQ58-b10NR Best deal cheapest price

You can now get the HP CQ58-b10NR for just 378 dollars. This new laptop is great for those who want to buy a full size laptop without burning a whole in their wallet. It comes with a decent processor (AMD E1 1200) and has 320GB hard disk which is good enough for storing music, movies and documents.

HP CQ58-b10NR

The screen of HP CQ58-b10NR is 15.6 inch and packs 1366×768 pixel resolution. The screen size is ideal for working on documents in college or for business use. It runs the latest version of Windows which is windows 8.

HP CQ58-b10NR review 

The HP CQ58-b10NR comes with 2GB but you can increase it to 8GB if required.  You also get discrete AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics which is unreal for a laptop at this price range.

HP CQ58-b10NR best deal

So, what are waiting for. Buy this laptop for just 378 dollars.

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