Best Desktop Replacement Laptop Of 2024 – Top Laptops To Replace Desktop – Desktop Replacement Laptops Reviews

Best Desktop Replacement Laptop Of 2024

Which Is Best Desktop Replacement Laptop 2024 – Laptop That Can Replace Desktop

We will help you find the best desktop replacement laptops of 2024. People who are looking for the top desktop replacement laptops are looking for workstation computer with added mobility of a laptop – a laptop that can replace desktop.

When looking for a portable powerhouse that you can call the best desktop replacement laptop, then you need to take several factors in mind. This includes an extremely powerful processor, lots of memory, storage and dedicated graphics card that can handle any GPU-intensive task with ease.

Let Us Discuss These One By One So That You Can Get An Idea On What To Look For When Choosing The Best Laptop To Replace Your Desktop.

High resolution display – An ideal desktop replacement laptop should come with quad HD screen for being the most productive. A laptop with quad HD 4k screen packs four times as more pixels a typical HD screen that you find a cheap laptop. With more pixels, you are able to see more at a time, allowing you to be more productive. This allows you to squeeze more toolbars and windows at a time. The minimum you should settle when buying a desktop replacement laptop is full HD screen which also pack many times more pixels than an HD screen. Some people actually prefer getting a full HD laptop over quad HD to avoid straining their eyes. If you are looking for cheap desktop replacement laptop that are nothing but big, full size laptops that are only good for getting your daily computing tasks done, then check out our article where we have reviewed several different laptops that can help you replace your desktop.

Xeon, i7 Processor – Having a very powerful processor is indispensible when buying the best desktop replacement laptop. This is because most of the hard work is done by the processor and to run CPU-intensive tasks, you need nothing but the best processor. Consider focusing on standard voltage processors from the Intel Xeon and Core i7 family. Stay away from ultra low voltage processors because such CPUs are meant to be used in thin and light ultrabook laptops where our main focus is to get great battery life while getting decent performance. When buying a laptop to replace desktop, our main focus is to get maximum performance.

Hybrid or total SSD storage – This is another feature that affects the speed. No matter how fast your computer is, if it has been outfitted with a slow hard disk, you won’t be able to squeeze out best performance. In a desktop replacement laptop, one has to go for SSD equipped laptop or hybrid storage. In latter, one gets a typical hard disk equipped with a SSD which is used for launching applications and transfer data quickly.

Discrete GPU – Many people who buy a laptop that can replace desktop are looking to run both CPU- and GPU-intensive applications and games. That is why it is important to invest in laptop with dedicated graphics for best GPU performance. Intel integrated graphics just would not cut if you are planning to use GPU intensive apps.

Minimum 16GB RAM – People who buy desktop replacement laptops are looking to run multiple memory-hogging applications at a time. In order to have a jitter-free experience, it is important to get laptop with 16GB RAM. At the same time, see if the memory is expandable or not because you would not want to be stuck with 16GB forever.

Best Desktop Replacement Laptop 2024

MSI Raider GE68Hx

MSI Raider GE68Hx is for those who want the ultimate and best desktop replacement laptop. You would want one if you don’t have budget constraints and you want the absolute best. It has breathtaking design and unmatchable specifications as well. It has top-of-the-line 10th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i9-13980HX processor that is paired with top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 discrete GPU for stutter-free gameplay, immersive VR-ready experience and unparalled graphics performance. This is a laptop for who those who want ultimate in everything.

MSI Raider GE68Hx

Intel Core i9-13980HX processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, 16″ QHD+ 240Hz, 32GB DDR5, 1TB NVMe SSD, Thunderbolt 4, Cooler Boost 5, Windows 11 Home

So, there you go – the best desktop replacement laptops of 2020. Choose any of these laptops and we guarantee that you will have no trouble in replacing your desktop.