Best Laptops With SSD 2024 – Best Cheapest Laptop With SSD Drive Under 500 Dollars – Why Buy A Laptop With SSD Drive

Two years back, the SSD were used only in the best ultrabook models and top end laptops but lot has changed since then. Now you will find several cheap laptops with SSD drives in 2024. The main reason is that laptop manufactures have realized the importance and benefits of the SSD over traditional hard disk drive which is why you now see so many cheap laptops with SSD under 500 in 2024.

Best Laptop With SSD

Best Laptop With SSD In 2024 – Affordable High Performance Laptops With SSD – Cheap Laptops With SSD Under 500

So why should you get a laptop with SSD over a laptop with HDD a k a hard disk drive? Here are few reasons by our laptop experts.

Laptops With SSD Are Better

First, an SSD makes your data shockproof. The entire solid state drive consists of no moving parts – all the information is stored in one solid block so it is shockproof. If your laptop falls, the SSD would not get damaged as there are no moving parts inside. Second and most important reason why going for a cheap laptop with SSD makes more sense than a cheap 200 dollar laptop with hard disk is performance boost. SSD offers quicker read and write speeds and you will find windows booting faster than before. Same can be said about the applications and games that will start faster. Taking about games, here are the best cheap laptop for gaming under 500 dollars.

Third is failure rate. SSD tend to fail less compared to the hard disks that normally peter out within 5-6 years of use.In some of the best desktop replacement laptops, you will find SSD drives being used as supplemental drives where only the OS and applications are stored. This is done to give you best of both worlds – you get lots of cheap storage through hard disk and all the advantages of SSD.

Fourth reason is weight. An SSD is much, much lighter and makes the laptop lighter. It also allows laptop and desktop manufactures to make laptops with SSD thinner and lighter as they occupy less space than mechanical hard disks. SSD drives are also being used in large all-in-one computers and in some of the best mini PC models as well to boost performance. New operating system come with technology called garbage collection that ensure the SSD keep running in tip top condition after months of use.

Here are the best laptops with SSD in 2024

ASUS ROG Strix G16

ASUS ROG Strix G16 is a monster that brings insane specifications at an affordable price tag. It packs standard-voltage Intel Core i7 processor which when paired with Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 dedicated graphics card makes it a serious machine for doing GPU and CPU intensive operations.

The screen is full HD and offers vivid color output at 165Hz refresh rate. The keyboard is backlit and has a strong, solid feel to it. This is a proper gaming laptop with SSD built-in.

ASUS ROG Strix G16

HP Essential 15

HP Essential 15 is an ideal and best laptop with SSD under 500 dollars. It brings powerful computing experience with its capable Intel Celeron processor, 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM. HP has tweaked it for Windows 11 and it flies with it. It has full size keyboard with backlit keys to let you key-in characters more accurately. We love the fact you can simply turn the screen around and use it as tablet.

HP Essential 15